Dr Sheen's Health Card

Why do we need a Health card?

The benefit of holding a health card is that it allows you to avail of cashless treatment in-network hospitals. That is, you are eligible to avail of medical treatments in the network hospital without having to pay any cash, The card cannot be used in the case of non-network hospitals.

The best thing about any health card is that it covers everything that insurance doesn’t generally cover. Health cards are still not widely used in India, and many people confuse them with insurance cards. Health cards are unique and offer a variety of benefits. Dr.Sheen’s Health card is a health card that allows you to save money on medical expenses while also providing other benefits:

Identity card: It functions as an identity card because it contains all of your information and is the only form of identification required for billing at the specific hospital.

Expenses for medical care are reduced: You can save money on all of your medical expenditures, including OPD, IPD, lab tests, and prescriptions, when you use the health card. 

Exclusive offers: Hospitals have exclusive offers like free upgrades, free ambulance, or one-time offers too with health cards

Best floater for your health insurance: Health insurance normally doesn’t cover regular medical expenses like OPD, medicines & lab tests. With Dr Sheen’s health card all that is also covered & you can save on your medical bills.

Cashless & contactless payment options: As Dr Sheen’s health card is a Virtual card & using the app you can thereby let you do cashless & contactless payments.

Hassle-free hospital work: Health card holders also get preferential treatment & get all the hospital work done without any hassle.

The majority of people have health insurance, however, it only covers hospitalization. It usually does not cover day-to-day expenses. By paying an additional payment, you can add OPD coverage to your insurance policy. That is why many people opt for a health card. There are many health cards on the market with comparable benefits, but Dr.Sheen’s Health Card from Afford plan is a one-of-a-kind health care savings card that covers your entire family and allows you to save on all of your medical bills. It has all of the health card benefits, and much more. It’s the ideal floater plan for your medical coverage.

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