about dr sheen's health card

Dr Sheen's Health Card is a turning point in Kerala's healthcare system

This is not a health insurance plan. Rather, it is a platform for all people to have access to the healthcare service they need. Health care is now much easier. By joining our Health Card scheme, we guarantee you and your family a wide range of health care services and other high value medical services. Individuals and families can choose the package you want and enjoy the many health care benefits and other medical care services we offer for just a small amount of annual subscription on each plan. We are collaborating with several private hospitals in Kerala. Book doctor appointments, quick blood reports, preventive healthcare services, buy medicines, search physicians and specialist doctors near you, store electronic medical records, visit reminders and more.

Dr Sheen's Health Card
Dr Sheen's Health Card
Dr Sheen's Health Card
Dr Sheen's Health Card
To build a robust/ people friendly healthcare system that will seamlessly integrate manifold services and aspects under one platform, at cost-effective prices.

TO CREATE INNOVATIONS IN HEALTHCARE that will redefine the way people experience it

Our aim is to take positive action in promoting and strengthening health sector, as well as to develop a strong, integrated health care service system for all.



Our Team Members

Dr Sheen | Health Card

Dr Sheen


22 yrs of experience in the field of anaesthesia Presently freelanceing in anaesthesia at Calicut Going to co operative hospital Matria hospital Malabar hospital Calicut surgical centre to name a few
Dr Minu Justin | Health Card

Dr Minu Justin


Professional consultant in gynecology.
Working in Matria hospital and district co-operative hospital

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