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What is Dr Sheen’s Health card?

Dr sheen's health card a revolutionary concept in healthcare, will integrate all the peripheral services of healthcare under one platform. in this modern world when all the services are enjoyed at our doorstep, Dr sheen's health card pushes the boundaries to deliver the same in healthcare to your doorstep.

What are the benefits of this card?

You can avail huge discount

Hospital booking

Ambulance service

Lab bookings

Home care and Air ambulance

Age-wise intelligent toys for kids for their brain development

All health care under one roof

Is this card provides Medical Insurance?

The Health card is not providing any Medical Insurance coverage.

Is there any age limit for this card?

 No, there is no age limit for this health card

Can we use this card for OP Consultation?

Yes, you can use this health card for OP Consultation.

Is there any Discount on the Pharmacy bills?

Yes, you can avail of huge discounts on the Pharmacy Bills.

How can I buy this card?

Customers can buy health cards through our application form. This is a virtual card. It is available in AppStore and Playstore.

What is the validity of this card?

The card validity is 1 year.

Can we use this card in any hospitals?

You can use this card in hospitals that are associated with us.

Can we get the benefits all over the Hospitals in India?

Yes you can use this card all over India but the hospital which is associated with us

Healthcare by Dr Sheen's Health card

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