Patients can use Dr Sheen's Card to book/schedule appointments with healthcare professionals such as physicians and specialists, as well as hospitals. In a heartbeat, you can make a doctor's appointment.

You can save money on medicines by using Dr. Sheen's card. Prices for medicines differ from one pharmacy to the next. We work with major pharmacy chains to get the best prices for you.

Ambulance can be requested at any time and from any location. In a matter of minutes, an ambulance will be at your door. Even at midnight, we can assist you in arranging an ambulance from your neighbourhood in the case of emergency for admission to the hospital.

Book diagnostic tests near you with Dr Sheen's card, and we'll connect you with a lab test service provider for diagnostic, medical, and health checkup packages.


Make an appointment for your pet's grooming with us. Directly connect with 5-star pet groomers that offer cat and dog grooming services.

If you want to book an air ambulance in Kerala at a low cost, you could use Dr Sheen's Health Card app to get a fast price for an air ambulance. We also provide skilled medical supervision and compassionate care in the comfort of your own home for a longer period of time, and our plans include personalised healthcare services.

We are providing Air ambulance services for a rapid response in case of such emergency medical situations. And also provides home care services for the patients.

Users can use Dr Sheen's Health Card App to find physicians based on their needs, clinics, services, and more. They can pick clinics based on costs, ratings, and experience.

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